Erik Santos: “Abangan nyo ibang This Is The Moment ang makikita nyo”

This is the moment: How many times have you heard this song performed on a singing contest? How many times have you bravely dared to sing this on a videoke session? or used it as an expression? How often do you think about Erik Santos every time you randomly hear someone singing or saying This is the moment? This is me being guilty because we can’t take away the fact that This is the moment is Erik Santos as Erik Santos is the moment. Enough said.

Last week, Erik had a show at Fiesta casino, Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal..a breathtaking show, I must say. It was a superb night. It was like a glimpse of what he can intensely offer on November 9 and since it was a casino, it was a no camera allowed policy — a heartbreaking policy for us.hehe. He was so inTENse that night, performances that should have been recorded for us to cherish forever. But seriously, Erik was incredibly awesome that left us all stunned most especially with his This is the moment which I guess, all of us expect to be his finale song each time. But Erik is full of surprises at any given moment, that no matter how many times we’ve heard him singing his winning piece, he always give us something new in ways that were not prepared for and just totally blows us away.

There was an autograph signing after the show. Then, we had a little conversation with him, you know just the usual fans, boys and girls praising him for a job well done and talking about his performance of This is the moment that night. Erik said, and I quote “Abangan nyo ibang This is the moment ang makikita nyo” (referring to his upcoming inTENse concert.)

That moment haunted me and so I ended up watching his This is the moment performances for the past years in concerts and shows. And yes, I couldn’t help but pick my favorites and narrow them down to of the hardest and brain-bleed thing a fan can do.haha. So, here it is…

10. Sharon

Erik guesting in Sharon. I can feel it in my bones that he really seized this moment with his idol Mr. Martin Nievera.

9. Beijing Olympics Cultural Closing

I’m feeling like a proud momma moment here as Erik represents our country in Beijing Olympics, showcasing the greatness of his vocals and for the effort of introducing himself in Mandarin. So cute.

8. Power of One

Loving Erik’s moment of sincerity here. Yes, I was convinced more than ever.

7. Pistahang Cebuana

Erik being so intense from 2:56 up to the last note. Truly incredible!!Wooh!

6. The Greatest Themesongs

I love the part when he changed the lyrics to “For this is our moment, our sweetest moment”. Sharing his moment with the crowd is definitely one of the best things ever.

5.SG in motion

Erik as part of Sarah Geronimo’s in Motion US tour. Look at his hand gestures(0:19-0:30), He really sings with purpose & absolute conviction.


Singing TITM with fervor to his life long dream when he goes SOLO at Araneta. I could watch this concert a million times over and it would still give me the chills.

3.The Prince of Pop and The Comedy Concert Queen

Same year after he won in SIAM, he already conquered the big dome twice with Night of the champions and with Ms. Ai-Ai. Loved every second of this performance which proves that he is really the man of the moment.

2. powERIKons

This was actually a mash-up of This is the moment and I believe I can fly. Never seen such a powerful performance like this before and look how Erik effortlessly shifting from one song to another (3:18), AWEmazing!!

1. Star In A Million
This is where all the great moments started, the greatest and sweetest moment of Erik’s life is undeniably on top of my list and I already shared my thoughts about his performance here Erik Santos: inTENse flashback

There you go, so how much more intense can Erik Santos get? Deeply thrilled to find out on Nov. 9 at the PICC.


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