ESFO is Erik Santos’ song

Party preparations could be the most tiring, dreadful and exhausting yet fun part of being an ESFO. Last week (Dec 15), I let the ESFO’s 10th Christmas-Anniversary Party get the best of me with less than a month of prepping. It was stressful but it was well worth it most especially seeing everyone embracing the wilderness of the night. ESFO party wouldn’t be possible without these people to Ate joan, Tita Bam, Ate wheng, Ate Ej and Ate Marvey thank you for doing all the logistics and to all ESFO who came early at the party and helped us with the preparations and to Queenz who started it all, thank you for your wonderful videos that brought us into tears and if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this never again to do last-minute shopping on the day of the party itself. Never! Right Ate Ej? Haha.

Of course, this party wouldn’t be complete without celebrating it with the man of the hour, Erik Santos. It was a perfect time to look back at those 10 wondrous years with his presence who always made our party extra special.


Showing ESFO’s Christmas parties in the past 9 years during dinner time while it was an emotional and touching part when the video of Esfo-Erik was shown on the latter part of the party.

Erik – ESFO’s 9 Christmas Party

In our previous parties we usually do games that needs to exert some energy and body movements, but this time we decided to have mind games namely Name that tune with Erik being so competitive and Fyi, his team effortlessly won. Thanks to Erik.haha and the Trivia-hEStory game which shows who among the fans knows every single details about Erik’s personal life and career history. Erik wasn’t allowed to join in this game:) Below is Erik’s answer sheet during Name that tune.


These cool prizes made our games even more exciting: engraved pencils, magazines, inTENse exhibit photos, towels and starbucks cards. Thanks to Tabam, Ms. Cyndy of Cornerstone and to Erik for some of the prizes.


while the theme for our exchange gift is something intense and another time capsule is ready to be sealed up again which we already did in our first Christmas party. We asked everyone to bring something they treasure that will represent Erik or them as a supporter of Erik or an ESFO and this will be open after 10 yrs. Here’s Erik explaining his item saying that this is so memorable to him, not his iphone but the polo he wore in his first ever pictorial during Star in a million by showing the picture coz he failed to bring it that night.


It has been our tradition to give an ESFO awards every party. Congrats to Mr. inTENse of the Night (Yvan), Ms. inTENse of the Night (Yijen), inTENse Vocal (Arlene), inTENse echosero (JM), inTENsely on-the-go (EJ) and inTENsely Trending (Jhane).


The loyalty awardees who has been there since Erik’s career started, special awards to Ate Joan and Ate Wheng, certificates of appreciation to Cornerstone for loving, believing and supporting Erik’s career and to Santos family for their love and support for ESFO through the years, Queenz as Lifetime achievement awardee and Tita Bam as Hall of Fame awardee.


and the Gawad ESFO lifetime Pogi Award is *drum rolls* Erik Santos coz it’s pretty much a fact that his handsomeness is for lifetime.


Followed by his heartfelt speech that put a big smile in our faces while the lyrics of “You are my song” have a completely different meaning to all of us now when he sang and dedicate this song for all of us, ESFO.

Thanks Queenz for this vid

then there you go, ESFO’s group pic with our lifetime Pogi awardee.



And this picture honestly says a thousand words. I’m actually expecting this loyalty award, prepared my speech already but when I come up on stage I didn’t expect that I will get lost and officially run out of words maybe because I was so overwhelmed. So staring at this photo now gives me intense flashback 10 years ago when all I wanted is to see Erik in person and hear him sing live. I still remember I was saying “Lord, makita ko lang po siya in person pwede nyo na po ko kunin.” You know, we all have that kind of fan moment but it was more than an answered prayer, a life-turning event when I became part and befriends with ESFO and was able to know Erik and his family personally. I never imagined that I will get to that point of my life of knowing who really Erik was off-cam from ESFO’s simple dinner-out and doing activities like outreach program, spending quality time with him or with his family at his house, goofying around with him and I must say, his sense of humor is really perfect like all the rest of him and also details like witnessing how handsome he was when he has just woke up. hehe. Those are one of the priceless moments as a fan would never think of experiencing even in a million years. And for that, I will be forever grateful to God for he has given me more than what I asked for. Erik’s voice is equally beautiful as his personality, a heavenly gift that is so easy to love and worthy to be adored. So thank you Erik for touching my life in so many positive ways and know that my love and support for you has no end.

I also didn’t expect that my ESFO life would be this meaningful than ever. Group that I considered family who has changed me for the better coz I grew up being with all of these people and who contributed in molding me as who I am today. We had this precious bonding moments that I will cherish forever like summer outings, isaw bonding at UP, ESFO drive and of course bonding over Erik’s music is one of the best. Being with ESFO and Erik for almost a decade now, I experience things that I never felt before like to be involved in a group with full of exciting surprises and every time there’s a newbie and you’re one of the reasons why they got to meet Erik in person then after that they will say or message you saying “Thank you Ate dahil sayo nameet ko na si Erik..ang saya-saya ko..”.  It’s like one of the best feelings na ang sarap-sarap sa pakiramdam na naiishare mo yung happiness na meron ka sa ibang tao most especially sa kapwa fan mo ni Erik.

So to my ESFO family, thank you for the friendship, love and for making my fan girl life awemazing and filled with fond memories. You guys are my beautiful distractions.


It was one of a hell of great learning experience with you guys. Happy happy 10th Birthday/Anniversary ESFO!!! Cheers to more intense years and wonderful memories with all of you.


and still a mERIKrismas everyone from ESFO fam with love.



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