Erik Santos ventures into acting

Singing is Erik Santos’ strongest suit as he knows perfectly how to express all emotions impeccably into his music. It’s like all he does is put his heart and soul into singing. I’ve been in love with his voice for years. It puts me in this trance, full of bliss as his voice reaches deep into my core. Undeniably, he’s one of the most relatable singers the world has to offer. So, I was pretty surprised when Erik broke the news that he’ll be doing his acting debut on MMK (Maalala Mo Kaya) entitled “Bus” last 2010. It took a really long time to finally convince Erik to entail himself into acting, and I’m talking about years. I was so enraptured for I was longing for this to happen, though it seemed to me that it would be an uncanny experience to see him expressing those deep emotions in a way more demanding job. I know it’s difficult in their business to try to move over from one area to the next, like when actors try to add singing into their profiles. Same goes with the singers turned actors and I was certain in the latter that with Erik, it’s going to work out.

And it did, when Erik proved that he can also execute well those deep emotions into acting when he played the role of an OFW (clifford) who was part of a band and applied as a singer at the Venetian hotel in Macau but became a housekeeper and met Shayne (Kristel Moreno) who will make his world turn upside down. I found myself in tears and moved by how Erik painfully delivered his lines with so much emotions just exactly like when he was delivering his songs. Here’s the full link of Erik Santos – Maalaala mo kaya Bus episode in case you missed it.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from his MMK “Bus” epi.

In late 2011, he then conquered the stage as Prince Eric in an Atlantis Production of a hit Broadway musical Little Mermaid. It was a delight to watch him on stage. He embraced the role all well maybe because this was in line with music. He has gained critical acclaim for his ability to jump in of both sides of the entertainment, acting and singing. He bagged the Best Crossover Artist Award in 2012 Broadway World Philippines Award which shows that he’s truly talented in all arenas.

Erik_Santos_2011-11-2400060_philstarcredit to the owner of the pic

Erik’s acting gained positive feedback and so I wasn’t surprised when he had another MMK episode – “Puntod”, a year opener special last year. It was a heart-shattering love story when Roque (Erik Santos) whose love for Merlinda (Charee Pineda) was endless even after she chose to marry Roque’s brother Raul (Aaron Villaflor) and took care of their child after Merlinda died.

MMK Puntod

credit to the owner of the pic

Now, I’m expressing great amount of excitement as Erik’s next acting venture will be happening on the big screen, his first movie. He will be part of Cinemalaya 2014 New breed category, a prestige Philippine festival for Independent films who’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. He’s one of the main casts of “S6parados” along with Victor Neri, Ricky Davao, Jason Abalos, Anjo Yllana and Alfred Vargas. He also sang the themesong “Pangarap Na Ikaw”. This is a story of six men with different stories who have separated with their wives and I’m very much thrilled and looking forward for Erik’s tragic tale which is framed to be a battered husband and I’m emotionally preparing myself to be moved to tears

Don’t miss it on August 2-9 2014, CCP, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Fairview Terraces.