Erik Santos in “S6parados”

Gala night of Cinemalaya’s New breed category “S6parados” was held last Sunday, Aug 3. It was a huge success from a bunch of different people who came to watch. Some of them are families and friends of the casts, most respected film critics, supporters of Cinemalaya and Indie films as well as the solid supporters of the artists and then there’s the first timers. Raising my both hands for it was my first time and I came to support Erik Santos. Yes, after 10 years of Cinemalaya’s existence, this was my first time to see an Indie film. Glad that “S6parados” was my first indie film experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was a superb acting from all the casts. The lead casts gave justice to their characters. Quite a surprise to see staggering Victor Neri, Anjo Yllna and Ricky Davao in a serious yet laugh-worthy quip roles. Both Jason Abalos as a drug addict and Alfred Vargas as an alcoholic husband did a notable performances while Erik Santos gets nothing but love and sympathy from me for a well portrayed role of a battered husband (which kinda bothers me watching him being beaten up by Iwa Motto). With his remarkable breakdown scene, I somehow forgot that I’ve first known him for singing. His acting connects to me in a deeper and more profound way. It’s like he was tailored to fit effortlessly into acting.

“S6parados” has a solid job delivering a relevant plot and an origin story of six men who have a bittersweet separation from their wives that will lead you to a roller coaster of emotions. There was a lot to like about it like how the way they intertwined the six tragic different stories seamlessly that doesn’t need much of critical thinking. It was indeed a great movie. And more than that, a great reminder. It’s no wonder, the movie was getting well deserved praise.Congratulations to all the casts and to Direk GB Sampedro!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it on the following screening dates.

*Extended screening on Aug 10 Sunday/3:30 pm /MKP Hall



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