All Hail To The King..

This blog post is just to update you in case you haven’t been keeping track of the life of one of our most amazing singers that ever graced this earth. Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with stats. The point of this blog is to remind you or should I say to remind myself all over again on how fascinating Erik Santos’ career evolution was. Looking back, I remember when a hopeful college student joined the singing contest called “Star In A Million”. It was before he got eliminated and then was called back for the wild card competition. It was the song “I Believe I Can Fly”  that brought him to the 10th and last spot for the semi-final round and led him to the day when he fervidly performed “This Is The Moment” and bagged the title as the first-ever “Star In A Million” grand champion. These turn of events became his life-changing moment and the beacon of his success.


I remember when he was first dubbed as “The Rising Star”. As he was to build a life of a champion, a winner and a star. I remember when it was hard not to adore the over 11 year old classic hit “Pagbigyang Muli” that became an anthem for anyone who had a heartache which stayed on the 1st spot of WRR’s hit chart for more than 20 weeks. And over the course of his career, he has produced several top selling and multi-platinum albums along with his sentimentally beautiful gem of songs that are more than just a pretty song. He also has a collaboration with other artists like Regine Velasquez (Bakit Ba Iniibig Ka?) and Jim Brickman (The Jim Brickman Songbook). 11756462_10207668584100962_691765710_n

To celebrate his arrival as a bonafide star, I remember when he began appearing on various sold-out concerts which he garnered rapturous applause and standing ovations. His tale of success resulted in him being crowned as the “Prince of Pop”. It was Regine and Ogie Alcasid’s “The Songbird and the Songwriter” concert that gave him his first taste of performing at the Araneta Coliseum. He then staged major concerts alongside with other great artists at the Big dome and I remember when he held his first major jam-packed solo concert entitled “Erik Santos Solo at the Coliseum”. Erik became unstoppable, doing concerts here and abroad and a demand for corporate shows gaining him a large fan base in different parts of the world who have been captured to his charismatic stage presence. 11739745_10207668583660951_945047133_n He became one of the most popular recording artists and a respected performer, having received numerous prestigious awards like Best Performance by a Male Recording Artist, Favorite Male Artist, POP Male Artist, Artist Of The Year, Best Male Performance in a Concert, Most Popular Song By A Male Performer, Pop Movie Theme song etc..etc..too much to mention. You can check his Wikipedia for the complete list of his awards. 🙂

I remember when he walked across the stage, but not to give us astounding performances, but to receive his noteworthy diploma. Indeed, plenty to be proud of with this man because in the midst of all inescapable pressure and the demands in his career, he still managed to finish his degree.

I remember when the opportunity of a lifetime knocked at his door, when he was chosen to perform and represent our country for the Beijing Olympics Cultural Closing (Asian Night). He soulfully sang two of the most meaningful songs for him, I Believe I Can Fly and This Is The Moment.

And, just recently, he was picked to sing the Responsorial Psalm at a concluded mass in Quirino Grandstand with millions of people watching. It was a performance of a lifetime because not many artists get to perform in the presence of our Pope.

Undeniably, he was blessed and I was moved by his generosity when I remember how compassionate his heart was, not just in his craft but the way he was towards other people. There was genuine kindness when he showed empathy for the less fortunate people, like doing fundraising shows, donating to those families who have been affected by calamities. He also visited different hospitals and celebrated his birthday in an orphanage. I know, some people will doubt and say this is just for publicity. But the truth is, he’s actually not fond of showing these acts of kindness in any social media platform. One thing that strikes me the most, his sincerity about having a charitable heart because even when he was surrounded by bright lights, he never forgets his simple upbringing. He might just hate me for posting this, but I’ll post it anyway. I’m sorry. Not sorry.:) (because in this crazy stir world, we need more people like him).

I also do remember when he was so determined to showcase his versatility not just in singing, but his knack for acting as well. He successfully broke the mold and did his acting skills flawlessly from the long time drama anthology (Maalaala Mo Kaya) to Broadway (The Little Mermaid as Prince Eric) to Indie film (S6parados).

I remember the time when he hosted singing competitions like “Search For A Star In A Million”  and “Star Power”. It was in the latter show where Erik and Angeline crossed their paths. Like Erik, Angeline has been through tough times also while joining singing contests, but her serious staying star power made her a winner. Sharing common experiences, they developed a connection and became close friends.

Then, suddenly it’s magic when things are about to get real and they started creating great music together.

                      OST from the movie “Suddenly it’s magic”

In a romance aspect, I was never sure where things were going, but their story will surely pull you along making you need to see where things are heading between them.
                        OST from the movie “Unofficially Yours”

Again, I know some people will say this is just for publicity, but whatever because we can’t take away the fact that there’s an appealing connection between them.

They both have natural gifts of constructing music that’s so powerful in its simplicity and there’s a sense of rawness that allows their soothing voice shine on their own. One of my favorite theme songs of them was the song “Forever”. it was like they gave extra meaning to the lyrics that maybe resembles on what they feel for each other.
                     OST from the teleserye “Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon”

Speaking of theme songs, both of them became the most favorite to take a more defined role of reimagining a songs to their matured and powerfully intimate pieces of their own. Maybe, because their angelic voices were so engaging and entirely relatable as to what a teleserye or movie was all about and as to what the viewers feel. It’s safe to say they earned the right to be hailed as King and Queen of Theme songs. And so, I remember when “Maging Sino Ka Man” was Erik’s first teleserye theme song. It was so intense and perfectly arranged that proves his mastery of the craft. One of his phenomenal OST was the song “I’ll Never Go” from the blockbuster movie “One More Chance”. His version was so emotionally painful which reflected the depth of the movie and felt like it was a beautiful heartbreak. His ability to transfix and blend an inspiring but often heartbreaking melodies allow him the opportunity to create more than 30 of exceptionally notable teleserye and movie theme songs, making him worthy of the title. Here is Erik’s breathtakingly performance of some of his teleserye theme songs.
                                                 Credit to Qritiko for the vid

On top of all of these, I came to an end when I remember I used to call him POP (Prince of Pop) and the letter K in his name Erik has no meaning to me at all before but now it does, King.
Now, I’m wildly excited for a spectacular night on August 15 at the Araneta Coliseum, a royal treat from the King and Queen of theme songs you won’t want to miss out. It’s about time to experience those heartfelt background songs we usually hear on a teleserye or movie live in the Big dome. 11749267_10207655508254074_345144780_n