The reinvention of Erik Santos

Erik seems to love surprising his fans. Last week, his latest album “Champion Reborn” EP Part 1 was launched on Spotify, showcasing some well-crafted tracks. To many, it seems that this will be a huge step-up from his previous albums and from the classic Erik Santos we have loved for the longest time. But, in the recent bloggers conference, Erik assured his fans that he would still stick to his core as a balladeer, and that this is only part of his reinvention as an artist. As such, his new sound was graciously embraced by his fans and by all the spotifiers making his new single “Tandaan Mo ‘To” feat. Gloc 9 all over the charts.  And as I’m writing this, the song already reached 115,481 plays since it was launched last week. According to Erik, Tandaan Mo ‘To is his personal favorite because he was able to collaborate with one of the best rappers in our generation. It was composed by David Dimaguila, while, Gloc 9 himself actually wrote the rap lyrics, making this song extra special.

The level of passion and skills he exerted in creating this album was nothing short of amazing. He shares that this album was 1 year in the making. He always makes sure that before every recording session, he conditions his lungs by running on the treadmill for about 45 minutes, and memorizes the song by heart. In an exclusive listening to the album, he also shares songs both from his new sound to melodramatic songs so the fans won’t miss his classic sound. This album focuses on the nature of reality and it shows on how he emotionally filters and interprets each song differently.

You can now purchase “Champion Reborn” EP Part 1 on iTunes and watch out for the grand launch of the Music video for Tandaan Mo ‘To on MYX, Oct. 23,2015, 5pm.


   Bloggers Conference & exclusive listening of #ChampionReborn


Bts of the Music Video #TandaanMoTo




      Erik Santos with Direk Paul Basinilio and Gforce.


Erik Santos: A Champion Reborn

There was one time I was randomly asked by a friend “What is your favorite Erik Santos’ song?” I must admit, one of the most mind-boggling questions to answer. I have a lot of favorite songs of Erik including songs that are not released. But, to answer the question, I gave five of my most favorites (Kung Akin Ang Mundo, I Will Never Leave You, Hindi Na Magbabago, Langit, Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin) because asking me to pick just one song is like asking me to choose between my Parents.

I would have the same answer if someone will ask me “What is your favorite Erik’s album?” because he always made everything epic in his album. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when his albums sell like pancakes, always on the top-selling albums in record bars, received multi-platinum awards and used most of his songs in teleseryes and movies. It’s hard to say what my favorite album is, but I have two that are my most played albums – “Erik Santos: The Jim Brickman Songbook” and “Awit Para Sayo”. Maybe, because most of the songs hit me right in the feels with so much emotions. Well, that’s where Erik was good at after all, making us wish for a rainy day and a window to gaze out every time we listen to his songs.

Same thing goes with “What is your favorite Erik’s music video, concert, etc.,?” I can’t even sort it out in my mind because all of my favorites are subject to change as long as Erik creates great music. Just like the major change in his upcoming album and I’m talking about like a 360 degree turn. It is so inspiring and I feel proud at the same time that he took risks in doing this kind of album, far away from his comfort zone. I’ve been wanting him to do things that people don’t usually see, songs that have never been heard from him. I can guarantee, that this new sound of Erik is deliciously entertaining. I was over the moon with his new single “Tandaan Mo ‘To” along with its mind-blowing music video, absolutely unforgettable.

I am so beyond excited for everyone to see and experience the new Erik Santos. So, mark your calendar on Oct. 12. 2015 for the ESclusive grand release of the “Champion Reborn” EP Part 1 on Spotify.