The Great Erik Santos: Champion Mentor

I’m convinced that all his life, Erik wanted to be a singer. He finally got the chance when he joined and won as first Star In A Million Champion.. He has gone through hell and high waters to make his lifelong dream a reality.

                                                                   (c) Cornerstone

And, 12 years later,  he’s not even done yet when he posted this on his Instagram account as a guest mentor of “I Love OPM” last March.


Then he became a Mentor of “Tres Kantos” of “We Love OPM”. He worked real hard just to make sure his group will shine every performance night and to give us an extraordinary OPM vibe week after week. He did whatever it takes to become not just a great mentor of his team, but an inspiring mentor to many. Tres Kantos hailed as first We Love OPM Grand Celebriteam and for that, I truly believe, Erik will always be the man of the MOMENT. It became more meaningful as he gets the same winning moment twice.


This only proves that Erik did not just have a dream in his life. He knows what he wants and he’s tirelessly working to always make his dreams a reality. And yes, no amount of hate can ruin, nor stop him from doing great things because that’s what the heart of a true Champion is all about. Keep shining and winning Champion Mentor Erik!



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