Hail to the King of OPM Themesongs: Erik Santos

Erik Santos has become one of the big names in the OPM scene today that has a long and storied career, One that has no sign of slowing down. Over the course of his career, Erik has been a favorite pick to sing Teleserye themesongs. He was kind enough to dissect his deepest soul to provide us original and new sounds of treasured old favorite OPM songs that are not limited to one style. His hypnotic soothing voice fits perfectly with each scene and will surely hit you in the feels, which made him the most consistently reliable singer who can seamlessly pull off a remarkable theme song.

Personally, It was Erik, who became my gateway to appreciate OPM songs that I used to skip listening, to rediscover OPM songs I didn’t pay a bunch of attention to before, and to fully conceive and appreciate OPM as a form of art. His passion for OPM seem to last forever and that’s why on April 7, 8pm at The Theatre at Solaire, Erik will continue to light the fire in solidifying OPM by taking us to a night full of well-crafted OPM classic songs.

What makes this concert even more exciting? It’s the thought that Erik will write and direct his own concert. I guess  it was “We Love OPM” that triggered him to try this new venture. His concept and ideas for each performance of his winning group “Tres Kantos” only showed how intense his love for OPM­ is, as well as how effective he was, as a mentor and a leader. Watch it here in my previous blog:  The Great Erik Santos: Champion Mentor  Nevertheless, I am so thrilled to witness the great potential brewing within Erik as a concert writer and director.

And, here’s a round-up of reasons why Erik is our King of OPM Themesongs.

Erik’s original songs are crafted to the utmost perfection with voice and lyrics that are crisp, a perfect fit into  different kinds of teleseryes.

Pagbigyang Muli (Maria La Del Barrio)

I Will Never Leave You (Green Rose)        

Erik has a skill that is able to crossover to different audiences because we can never go wrong with the fact that his heart-wrenching renditions of “I’ll Never Go” and “Say You’ll Never Go” have been consumed furiously as theme songs in various teleseryes and movies. It doesn’t take long to win the audience over and over again.

I’ll Never Go (Stained Glass)

I’ll Never Go (One more chance)

I’ll Never Go ( A Second Chance)

Say You’ll Never Go (Sana Maulit Muli)

Say You’ll Never Go (On The Wings Of Love)

Erik has an undeniable human connection. He sings wholeheartedly pleasant and has a delicate crystal clear message. That’s why he has been a favorite to sing the theme songs of some of our inspirational teleseryes.

May Bukas Pa(May Bukas Pa)

Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin (Nathaniel)

Sapagkat Diyos Ay Pag-ibig (Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig)

Lupa (Rosalka)

Erik continues to prove that he really is the King Of OPM Theme Songs as we hear his voice twice in a day (Daytime and Primetime) with a really dramatic sad scene that would definitely wreck you. Here’s how he reinvents OPM classics “Hanggang” (The Better Half) and “Sayo Lamang” (My Dear Heart).

Hanggang ( The Better Half)

Sayo Lamang (My Dear Heart)

Erik is a real innovator and a storyteller at the same time. There’s a serene naturalness with his voice that makes the scenes more romantic and sweet or heartbreaking.

Don’t Know What To Do, Don’t Know What To Say ( Til I Met You)

You Are My Song ( A Moment In Time)

Di Lang Ikaw ( Hiyas)

Erik would also not be out of place in a theme song for a heavy drama because a classic teleserye needs a classic theme song. His powerful rendition of these classic OPM songs stirring with powerful arrangements will surely leave you in awe.

Maging Sino Ka Man (Maging Sino Ka Man)

Ikaw (Ina, Kapatid, Anak)

Iisa Pa Lamang (Walang Hanggan)

Muling Buksan Ang Puso (Muling Buksan Ang Puso)

It was no surprise that Erik is the King Of OPM Themesongs because whether we like to admit it or not, these songs sneaked and stuck in our heads once in our lifetime. And, that’s the good thing about the kind of singer Erik Santos has gifted us.

So, let’s take a moment and celebrate OPM with the King of OPM Themesongs on April 7. See you there!



Erik Santos’ Champion Reborn: An ultimate “Hugot” album

Once again, Erik Santos handed me the best soundtracks of my life as he birthed beautiful gem of songs with his latest album Champion Reborn which recently bagged the first spot on Astroplus’ Top Selling Album, both in overall and OPM. In spite of him exploring new sounds and genres from the classic songs  to Pop-Rnb, there lies the secret of the King of Teleserye Themesongs, an innate ability to deliver insanely catchy and relatable tracks. Tracks that will nestle themselves deep into your heads, captures you and takes you on a musical journey.

Tandaan Mo ‘To feat. Gloc-9

“Tandaan mo to! Kung aalis ka, eh di umalis ka Pero ‘di ako maghihintay sayo. Binigay ang lahat ng pagmamahal. ‘Di mo ba naramdaman? Bakit bali binaliwala mo lahat ng pangako mong walang hanggan”

This song doesn’t sound like something you would expect from Erik. It proves to be intriguing as he really stepped out of his comfort zone. The lyrics are brilliant with a smooth groove, but it’s the emotions of these two obviously talented voices that makes this track remarkable, as this was stuck in my head for days.

I am half-tempted to say that this is his best album yet because there are plenty of “hugot” lines that will crash through your sensibilities.

Sino Ba Ako Sa’yo

“Sino ba ako sa’yo, paulit-ulit bumabalik kahit nasasaktan ako sa’yo, paasa-asa kahit iiwan oh nanaman.”

Sana Ikaw Naman

“Parang ‘di na tama to, paglimot mo’y kay bilis, Pano mo ko natitiis? Mali bang sabihin di kayang tanggapin, Ba’t di mo ramdam ang sakit?”

‘PagNapagod Na Ang Puso

“At ‘pag napagod na ang puso mo nandito lang ako, naghihintay nagbabantay na muli mong balikan. Karamay sa lungkot hingahan ng sama ng loob, ‘Pag wala na ang sakit sana ako ang ipalit.”

I love how these smooth sounding tracks feels so current. I have so many feels  with the songs  Sino Ba Ako Sa’yo and Sana Ikaw Naman and I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to these songs too, in so many ways.

Beautiful Baby

“I tell you I’ll be there for you any place, any time. But, you don’t wanna get your hopes up, you don’t wanna waste your time. But, baby believe me I take care of what’s mine”

One of my favorites, it reminds of his classic harana hit song Kung Akin Ang Mundo. It is such a romantic song and what is great about this track is that you can listen to it in any mood and pulls you over to its floaty sounding vibes.

This album is certainly a treat because it also includes a wide range of awe-inspiring  and classic revival songs.

Takbo Ng Mundo

“Tuloy ang takbo ng mundo ang puso’y uusad. ‘Di malulumpo sa bigat ng binubuhat at masugid na uulit kahit ulit-ulit pang  madapa, ‘Di patatalo”

This is a very well written and delivered with a highly optimistic vibe. It’s catchy and I can’t help but feel uplifted by it.

Don’t Tell Me Don’t feat. Kyla

“Whoever told me I can never be the one that I’ve dreamed of.What’s his business telling people off from doing their thing. Can’t stop me from doing what I’m doing. Get off my back, you can’t break down my spirit.”

This track  got all the energy with a very upbeat vibe. You can feel how much these two equally talented musicians have grown in terms of vocals and styles with their twist and turns of emotions that blends well. They provide us something  that ignites into an adrenaline feast of soaring vocals that will continue to rattle round long after the album concludes. So perfect!

Lupa Man Ay Langit Na Rin

“Nakita ko ang tunay na pag-asa natagpuan ang tunay na ligaya
Mahal naming panginoon ako’y sumasamba pagka’t sa piling mo’y walang kasing ganda”

Erik’s rendition of this gospel song, which became a theme song of the hit teleserye Nathaniel is just so stunning and powerful that will literally tear you up.

Sana Naman Sana Na Nga

“Sana naman, Sana na ng, Ibigin mong muli. Sana na nga, sana naman  balikan mo sandali. Kahit pigilin pa ang damdamin kong ito. Limutin ka’y mahirap na ituro sa puso ko.”

Beautiful track, but to be honest, I  don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I am not just massively keen on the song.  Thankfully, it was Erik who sang it because I think if  this was sung by another singer who doesn’t have a deep connection with it, It wouldn’t make much of an impact to me at all.

This I Promise You feat. Angeline Quinto

“I’ve loved you forever in lifetimes before. And I promise you never.
Will you hurt anymore  I give you my word, I give you my heart (give you my heart) This is a battle we’ve won And with this vow, Forever has now begun…”

I like that they made my favorite N’ Sync song more modern and way more romantic with their spine-chilling rendition which is perfect for a theme song in a teleserye or movie.

Narito Ako

“May luha sa iyong mga mata.  Naaalala mo ang nakaraan. Umibig ka ng tapat ibinigay mo ang lahat, ngunit iniwan ka nya, iniwan kang nagiisa. Alam kong kailangan mo ng isang kaibigan Kailangan mo ng masasandalan Bigyan mo sana ako Ng isa pang pagkakataon Upang tulungan kitang limutin ang noon”

I didn’t know that this was just a revival until a little birdie told me that It was originally sung by Ariel Rivera. This is a  different kind of friendship song that within seconds you are transported into memories of you and your best friend.

Say You’ll Never Go

“How can I make it through the day without you? You have been so much a part of me (and if you’ll go). I’ll never know what to do. How can I carry on my way the memories when all that is left is the pain of my history. Why should I live my life today?”

Expect more heart-wrenching version when Erik revived his own revival song. I never thought  he  could bring  out the most emotional depth of it to make the story of Clark and Leah  from  On The Wings Of Love painful to watch.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

“I know it’s been some time, But there’s something on my mind
You see, I haven’t been the same since that cold November day.
We said we needed space, But all we found was an empty place
And the only thing I learned  is that I need you desperately”

You can really feel the pain with Erik’s aching rendition of this song. You can feel every emotion that went along with those lyrics.  I can listen to his version over and over again, even if it’s too painful to handle.

Champion Reborn is such an extremely great album. The overall sound of each song with Erik’s vocal cuddle for the ears will surely melt your heart and warm your soul. It was a perfect balance of what Erik was and what he has become.