Erik Santos in “S6parados”

Gala night of Cinemalaya’s New breed category “S6parados” was held last Sunday, Aug 3. It was a huge success from a bunch of different people who came to watch. Some of them are families and friends of the casts, most respected film critics, supporters of Cinemalaya and Indie films as well as the solid supporters of the artists and then there’s the first timers. Raising my both hands for it was my first time and I came to support Erik Santos. Yes, after 10 years of Cinemalaya’s existence, this was my first time to see an Indie film. Glad that “S6parados” was my first indie film experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was a superb acting from all the casts. The lead casts gave justice to their characters. Quite a surprise to see staggering Victor Neri, Anjo Yllna and Ricky Davao in a serious yet laugh-worthy quip roles. Both Jason Abalos as a drug addict and Alfred Vargas as an alcoholic husband did a notable performances while Erik Santos gets nothing but love and sympathy from me for a well portrayed role of a battered husband (which kinda bothers me watching him being beaten up by Iwa Motto). With his remarkable breakdown scene, I somehow forgot that I’ve first known him for singing. His acting connects to me in a deeper and more profound way. It’s like he was tailored to fit effortlessly into acting.

“S6parados” has a solid job delivering a relevant plot and an origin story of six men who have a bittersweet separation from their wives that will lead you to a roller coaster of emotions. There was a lot to like about it like how the way they intertwined the six tragic different stories seamlessly that doesn’t need much of critical thinking. It was indeed a great movie. And more than that, a great reminder. It’s no wonder, the movie was getting well deserved praise.Congratulations to all the casts and to Direk GB Sampedro!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it on the following screening dates.

*Extended screening on Aug 10 Sunday/3:30 pm /MKP Hall



Erik Santos ventures into acting

Singing is Erik Santos’ strongest suit as he knows perfectly how to express all emotions impeccably into his music. It’s like all he does is put his heart and soul into singing. I’ve been in love with his voice for years. It puts me in this trance, full of bliss as his voice reaches deep into my core. Undeniably, he’s one of the most relatable singers the world has to offer. So, I was pretty surprised when Erik broke the news that he’ll be doing his acting debut on MMK (Maalala Mo Kaya) entitled “Bus” last 2010. It took a really long time to finally convince Erik to entail himself into acting, and I’m talking about years. I was so enraptured for I was longing for this to happen, though it seemed to me that it would be an uncanny experience to see him expressing those deep emotions in a way more demanding job. I know it’s difficult in their business to try to move over from one area to the next, like when actors try to add singing into their profiles. Same goes with the singers turned actors and I was certain in the latter that with Erik, it’s going to work out.

And it did, when Erik proved that he can also execute well those deep emotions into acting when he played the role of an OFW (clifford) who was part of a band and applied as a singer at the Venetian hotel in Macau but became a housekeeper and met Shayne (Kristel Moreno) who will make his world turn upside down. I found myself in tears and moved by how Erik painfully delivered his lines with so much emotions just exactly like when he was delivering his songs. Here’s the full link of Erik Santos – Maalaala mo kaya Bus episode in case you missed it.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from his MMK “Bus” epi.

In late 2011, he then conquered the stage as Prince Eric in an Atlantis Production of a hit Broadway musical Little Mermaid. It was a delight to watch him on stage. He embraced the role all well maybe because this was in line with music. He has gained critical acclaim for his ability to jump in of both sides of the entertainment, acting and singing. He bagged the Best Crossover Artist Award in 2012 Broadway World Philippines Award which shows that he’s truly talented in all arenas.

Erik_Santos_2011-11-2400060_philstarcredit to the owner of the pic

Erik’s acting gained positive feedback and so I wasn’t surprised when he had another MMK episode – “Puntod”, a year opener special last year. It was a heart-shattering love story when Roque (Erik Santos) whose love for Merlinda (Charee Pineda) was endless even after she chose to marry Roque’s brother Raul (Aaron Villaflor) and took care of their child after Merlinda died.

MMK Puntod

credit to the owner of the pic

Now, I’m expressing great amount of excitement as Erik’s next acting venture will be happening on the big screen, his first movie. He will be part of Cinemalaya 2014 New breed category, a prestige Philippine festival for Independent films who’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. He’s one of the main casts of “S6parados” along with Victor Neri, Ricky Davao, Jason Abalos, Anjo Yllana and Alfred Vargas. He also sang the themesong “Pangarap Na Ikaw”. This is a story of six men with different stories who have separated with their wives and I’m very much thrilled and looking forward for Erik’s tragic tale which is framed to be a battered husband and I’m emotionally preparing myself to be moved to tears

Don’t miss it on August 2-9 2014, CCP, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Fairview Terraces.


inTENse Confession

The intensity of Erik Santos’ inTENse: “A Decade with the Prince of Pop” still shakes me up. Once again, he never fails us, of course not on this very momentous day of his career as he marked his 10th thriving years in the business. I have expectations from this concert but after what I have witnessed, it was more than what I expected. I was experiencing aftershocks in every performance that I never felt before with his previous concerts. Three hours of once in a lifetime experience with my favorite singer of all time, that is worthy of the title. So here’s a pat on the back to the team behind inTENse and to Erik for your tireless efforts of putting up an incomparable concert ever.

I had a massive outburst of excitement not only for the concert but knowing that we (ESFO) are somehow involved in this grandest celebration..The inTENse Exhibit. Ever since, it has been my wildest dream for him. Few months ago, when we had our meetings upon meetings for Erik’s birthday, one of our plans was to surprise him with an Erik Santos gallery. Since we were running out of time to do such big surprises and his tight schedules would not permit us, none of our plans pushed through and we decided to focus on promoting the concert and do a simple surprise greeting after celebrating his birthday on ASAP. Anyway, I think we are the ones who got surprised when we were asked to do the exhibit for his inTENse concert. See how ironic life is? It’s like yesterday we were just day-dreaming about this and woke up to the reality that we were going to do it on his 10th anniversary concert at THE PICC Plenary hall, oh God! It was our pleasure. So let me take this chance to say thank you to Erik and Cornerstone for trusting us to do this project and most especially to sis Queenz  for storming your brain with your creative juices and to all ESFO who helped us in all possible ways.


Finally, crossing out this one in our ESFO bucketlist.

To reaffirm that Erik has a wonderful personality they showed the audience the heartfelt messages from his showbiz and non-showbiz friends which came after the behind-the-scenes video, unveiling all the hard work exerted by the whole team. It was an impeccable opening scene by El Gamma Penumbra evincing Erik’s life with their shadow stint which left the audience in awe with Erik’s unexpected entrance at the latter part of the act. Followed by an awe-inspiring mash up of Fly/I believe I can fly, songs that I listen to every time I want to be uplifted, imagine how my heart was thumping when Erik gave life to these songs.



Erik made sure that this is not just about us loving him even more but giving all his heart out to the audience by wording ”Let me love you 10 times more..” then effortlessly performed Ne-yo’s Rnb song Let me love you which surprisingly unfurling a bit of his dancing. As a fan, who patiently waited for this concert to happen for 10 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if my eyes would shed a few tears but it seems everyone is intensely emotional most especially when Erik dedicated the song Magpahanggang Wakas to his Parents which brought all the audience to tears and had me crying a river of tears. One of the highlights for me because he wasn’t just able to meet the technical demands of this song, but was also able to meld with it emotionally.


After the heart-wrenching spot here comes Erik playing with our emotions when he pulled off a broadway-like experience with his breathtaking Les Miserables medley exchanging songs after songs with himself on video screens which makes this prod extraordinary. I must confess, I had goose bumps. Kudos to Pixel Probe Studio for the vid.


Pagbigyang Muli and Kung Akin Ang Mundo are just few of my personal favorite original songs of Erik that topped the charts. I was completely entranced when he passionately sang Pagbigyang Muli that added even more depth to the song. One of my favorite parts and the most refreshing and equally entrancing part of this show was his Kung Akin Ang Mundo with celeb friends on video entertaining the audience with Showtime’s Jambunganga style.


In line with these chart-topper original songs, Erik launched his new single that will be released soon on itunes and radio stations Pag Napagod Ang Puso with his Maalaala mo kaya episodes on vid screens. Another soon-to-be phenomenal song that everyone should take the time out to listen and surely many can relate to it.

The concert also shows how well-loved Erik is with the appearance of some of his celeb friends. Starting off with his surprise guests who gave us some interesting trivia about Erik, Frenchie Dy who acted as Mommy Lita (Erik’s Mom) and Piolo Pascual act as Noy (Erik’s driver). The audience couldn’t help but laugh all the way when Erik impersonated Piolo’s singing and when Erik’s ex-girlfriend Ruffa Mae Quinto herself came up on stage and cracked her jokes. I’ve seen him doing these impersonations a million times but I guess I wouldn’t get used to it, still funny. Also gracing the show were Erik’s co-champions Yeng Constantino and Angeline Quinto flawlessly belting out Meatloaf medley which showcased their powerhouse vocals while it was a heartwarming and amusing duet with Pops Fernandez of the song A Thousand Years which I got kilig and then there’s the exceptionally fascinating mashed up of Kulang Ako Kung Wala Ka/Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigan Ka with Regine Velasquez. To think that they only had the rehearsal on the day of the concert itself, goosebumps! Ai Ai Delas Alas and Erik’s Blurred Lines/Where Have You Been was a bombardment number yet it shows how comfortable they are to each other .




Another highlight and one of the most applauded parts of the concert was when Erik brought us back to his remarkable teleserye theme songs that made me halfway cried on the last part – inspirational songs. Erik also did numerous movie theme songs especially to Bea-John Lloyd movies from Now That I Have You to Miss You Like Crazy to One More Chance surprising the audience with video clips of Erik acting as JLC and crowd went wild when he came out as Popoy. Undoubtedly, he deserves the title King of Theme Songs and never thought, Bea and Erik have this chemistry on screen so I am crossing my fingers to see them on MMK episode someday.





Erik is a proof of a great performer who always pushed himself outside his comfort zone like when he perfectly turned Oops! I Did It Again into a vigorously ballad that no one could ever imagine. Unrolling his intense dance moves which my personal fave was on the song I’m Sexy And I Know It. He was so effing hot on that part. I was drooling. I must say, on that 3-minute dance prod his dancing skills really improved a lot. Way to go!


Concert was almost at an end when he totally nailed the medley of fave winning piece songs by many – I believeA Moment Like This, and Climb Every Mountain because Erik Santos is not Erik Santos if there are no hair-raising and heart-stirring performances. Erik thanked the audience, sponsors, the team behind inTENse and his friends, but failed to mention the supporters and fans that was with him throughout the years. That moment, I felt that there’s something else that Erik is up to coz I remember I asked him before if This is The Moment is going to be his finale and he answered No, but I wasn’t expecting too much. He then sang his finale song This Is The Moment, thrilled to hear again on what could possibly out-of-this-world version Erik can do, and there you go I was stunned. It was a superb acapella version backed up with a choir. Another hair-raising that is well-deserved of crowd’s standing O!

I was expecting that Erik would still have something to say but all he said was his last thank you to everyone, I was starting to feel heartaches until…My most favorite part of the concert happened, the encore. Erik’s ingenuity of making us feel so extra special that night is beyond my imagination from his honest and genuine thank-you message to a beautiful song dedicated to all of us. What really makes this number noteworthy is when he sang A Song For You  with photos of his friends and fans on video screens. Indeed, a touching and proud moment for a fan who supported him throughout his journey. It’s just not a song. I was emotionally attached to it, it is so much more than a song to me now and if there’s one word that will describe how Erik Santos speaks directly to my heart…INTENSE.

Erik Santos: inTENse Flashback

Ten years ago, I was like twelve years old back then and I still have nothing but gushing fan girl love for Erik Santos. I started to like him during his I believe I can fly performance in Star in a million but he was still not my bet. Maybe because, I was blinded by the singers who have a loud & proud voice that demands attention and not emotion. Erik is like a wake up call for me and a living proof that a great singer is not all about hitting the high notes but also hitting the notes from the heart in all the right places. It was during grand finals when he sang This is the moment that I can totally say l fell in love with him. He killed it. He nailed it. I am emotionally, physically unable to deal with how perfect he was that night and I certainly wasn’t the only one to feel that way. By far, one of the sweetest winning moments I have ever seen not to mention he came from a wildcard. His voice is so utterly and completely perfect, it entered my heart without permission and that is when my fan girl moments started and the rest is history. I have been blessed to become part of Erik Santos Friends Online (ESFO) family who never judge me and stand by me for what I believe in, even if it is about the greatness of my vocal prowess. Haha! And never in a million years did I ever think I will be able to know Erik Santos personally. I swear, he has flawless and amazing personality that makes me love him even more. He is not only a hell of a singer, he is one incredible man.

Time flies and I can’t believe it’s been a decade. The fond memories I have with Erik & ESFO along the way can never be replaced and that will last for a lifetime. (Omg! Tissue please!) Since were talking about memories, here are some of my unforgettable memories I have with him.


I must say, looking through some old photos of me with him makes me so inexplicably happy for bringing me up on stage, serenading me and allowing me to sing even if it is just a few lines which I guess, I got my confidence in singing. Haha! The power hug (I don’t know, this is just so special for me maybe because, it’s power hug.).  Then there he was taking the time out despite his busy schedules just to celebrate with me on my debut and graduation dinner and makes me feel like a Princess and just recently we had an epic videoke session along with other birthday celebrants. Also one of the best memories I have is when ASAP goes to Boracay. Me and my other two ESFO friends decided to booked a flight to Boracay and surprise him with a banner during the show. I got sunburn and literally toasted but it is all worth it. I mean, It is not everyday that you get a chance to spend time and walk with him along the seashore.

So after all these years, I think no one can understand my excitement for Erik Santos’ “inTENse” which will be happening on November 9, 2013 at the PICC Plenary Hall. This is not only a celebration of his wondrous 10th year in the business but also for being an effective storyteller and been able to inject depth in every songs he does into the most seemingly basic way and for rapegasms my ears with his great music.